Meningitis B vaccine deal agreed

All UK babies will soon have access to a vaccine against the infection which can result in brain injury.

Harmonie-Rose had to have a quadruple amputation after contracting a deadly strain of the disease.
It follows an agreement with drug manufacturers, GlaxoSmithKline and Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has announces it could be introduced this year. Government advisers said in 2014 that every child over two months old should be given the vaccine, but negotiations over costs have delayed this process. Mr Hunt said it was important to get value for money. Campaigners had warned the delays put children's lives at risk. The drug will now be added to the national childhood immunisation scheme, meaning babies will receive the first vaccine at two months old, followed by two further doses. Mr Hunt said he was "delighted" to have secured an agreement with GSK - the company that now manufactures the vaccine. It followed lengthy negotiations with another supplier - Novartis - which used to own the vaccine, called Bexsero. GSK acquired the vaccine from Novartis, which resulted in the price of the vaccine being reduced and the deal being struck, Mr Hunt said. Read more.   
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