First visit?

The Brain Injury Hub aims to share the expertise of the clinicians of The Children’s Trust with as many visitors as possible. Our research with families affected by acquired brain injury suggested that they saw their experiences as a ‘journey’.At its simplest, they felt they wanted different information at different times. So the information on the hub has been set out as a series of steps. The idea is that you select the stage of the journey that is most relevant to you and your family and explore the information from there.
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In this way, we hope to have cut down the time visitors spend searching for the information they need.If you look at different steps, you might see that some of the information is repeated. This is because some items, such as ‘the effects of acquired brain injury’, are relevant to parents at each step of the journey. There are some features to the site that we hope will make your visit easier. If you see an article that is particularly relevant to your circumstances, you can save it using the ‘bookmark’ button. The system will remember what you’ve put aside on your next visit. You can also share this personalised set of information with friends and family. It was important to us to make the site as accessible to everyone. With this in mind, the majority of the articles are available in Easy Read format.The resource is also a credible one; in May 2012 we were awarded Information Standard accreditation. This Department of Health 'kite mark' recognises quality health and social care information. The site is also referenced throughout. If you'd like to know where we found our information, simply click on the 'show references' button. Perhaps the most important part of the site is our forum. This is where parents, friends and family can share their experience of acquired brain injury and exchange the most invaluable information of all. We’re dependent on your feedback to make this the right service for you. Do let us know what you think here.Click here to go to our information library main page.