Your child's brain

Crowne Plaza Liverpool City Centre
Saint Nicholas Place, Liverpool, L3 1QW Princes Dock United Kingdom

This is a great opportunity to hear a bout a unique programme helping the brain grow and 'heal'.

Founders of the Family Hope Center will be presenting about their 30 plus years of experience in supporting and teaching over 15,000 parents worldwide. Some of Matthew's skills include designing mobility programmes to teach parents functional mobility (taking children from paralysis to crawling- creeping- walking-running), he also has world-leading expertise in respiration, Mild Hyperbaric Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, myofascial release plus many other modalities to support the development of children and adults. The Family Hope Center addresses the cause of your child's difficulties and how to change the brain, rather than merely addressing the symptoms; which some programmes, therapies and approaches do. By learning how to change the brain your child can start to learn to close the gap between their chronological and development age. You will leave this talk with some great tips on how to start changing your child's brain. Some common conditions they work with are: cerebral palsy, ADHD, ADD, autism, Down's Syndrome, epilepsy, dyslexia and many more. If your child is falling/has fallen behind they can HELP them catch up. Find out more here. 
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