Young Epilepsy: Parents Event

10am - 2.30pm
Turing Room, Bristol Aquarium Anchor Road, Harbourside Bristol
A free event for parents of children with epilepsy to help parents/carers to understand all aspects of epilepsy, from treatments to how to get the most out of appointments with nurses and doctors. This event gives you the chance to meet and share experiences with other parents of children with epilepsy. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and get your questions answered by experts, as well as hear from young people on how they’ve managed their epilepsy.  Topics include how schools support students, parenting advice from an Educational Psychologist and young people themselves, preparing for consultations with health professionals, treatments other than medication, including the Ketogenic Diet and keeping your child safe. Lunch is provided.  Book your place here: or call 07825188855. 
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