We forgot the lot!

12pm - 4pm
Tate Britain
Millbank London, SW1P 4RG
Daytrippers is very happy to be supporting this free event with Touretteshero & Tate Britain. Following the 2010′s Secret Superhero Party, Touretteshero needs the help of her superheroes to transform the Tate Britain gallery and reinvent the space to accommodate and meet individual needs. You are all superheroes so come and help TourettesHero! Last year Tate Britain opened its newly renovated galleries and learning spaces to the public. To make sure nothing gets forgotten the Tate has teamed up with Touretteshero to give young people aged 5-16 the chance to work with visual artists. We forgot the lot! invites children and young people with Tourettes and other disabilities to reinvent, transform and claim the new displays of 500 years of British art at Tate Britain. How do people look at art? Who makes the rules and who follows them? How do you get from A to B? The day will consist of:
  • 11 artist led workshops and projects each led by different artists.
  • There will be a consultant psychologist from the Tourette Syndrome Clinic at Great Ormond Street Hospital on hand to answer questions from 12:30pm – 2:30pm.
  • A hub where you will be able to collect information from and a mobile gallery.
  • A quiet space and light refreshments will also be provided.
So what are you waiting for dip in to a disco, use a hyper-activity pack, remap the space, take charge and take over! You can find out more on The Daytrippers website.  To make a booking email  or call 0207 887 8888 option 3.
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