Unlocking the secrets to a calm and connected child

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Sensory processing and self-regulation: unlocking the secrets to a calm, connected child.

A one day workshop for Healthcare professionals, teachers and parents led by Lizanne du Plessis This workshop will demystify sensory processing and help you understand some of underlying reasons for behaviours seen in children and discover tools to support the child so that they can reach their full potential. Find out how to identify the different sensory temperaments in the children you work with/care for and access practical ways to improve motivation, concentration and self regulation. Event Outcomes
  • Demystifying sensory processing - what does it really mean? How does it work? Why is it important for all of us?
  • Understanding the senses and their impact on development and learning
  • Understanding brain development and how the child’s immature brain affects the way he moves, feels and thinks
  • Discovering the child’s sensory profile and how it affects the way that he develops, learns and behaves
  • Understanding and managing relationships using sensory insights
  • Appreciate the fact that self-regulation develops over time and discover the components that results in the child’s ability to successfully regulate his body, his feelings and his thoughts
  • Improve attention, emotion and behaviour of our children using sensory insights and strategies
  • Help develop a toolbox which will assist you when supporting the child and dealing with tricky situations and behaviours
This event is aimed at Professionals, Teachers and Parents
  • Health care professionals including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists and social workers
  • Teachers and support staff of normal developing children as well as highly functioning children with special needs
  • Parents of normal developing children who want to improve their parenting skills as well as parents with highly functioning children with developmental and/or neurological disorders
Standard cost: £195+VAT Any questions? Call us on 020 8922 1135 or email info@centreevents.co.uk
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