Traumatic Brain Injury Patient and Carer Research Day

12.30pm - 4pm
Imperial College London
South Kensington Campus, London SW7 2AZ
Get involved! Ask questions! Meet new people! Come and find out what head injury does to the brain, and how we are working out how to better treat the damage it can produce.  The day will include information on the following:
  • Improved identification of brain injury with imaging.
  • Treating problems with memory and attention.
  • Identifying and treating inflammation after brain injury.
  • Stimulating the brain to improve function after brain injury.
  • Identifying hormonal problems after brain injury.
There will also be the oppertunity to ask clinicans and scientists questions. The day is free with a light lunch provided. The cost of transport to the venue will be reimbursed by the department. You can book your place here
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