The Power of Communication Conference

9am - 4.30pm
The Resource Centre
356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA
The  Brain Injury Social Work Group are holding a conference looking at the power of communication and the obstacles presented by acquired brain injury and how to overcome them. Subjects included will include:
  • Legal Guidance from the Mental Capacity Act
  • Communication Disorders and Acquired Brain Injury
  • Speech and Language Rehabilitation for people with a Brain Injury
  • High Tech Communication Aids: Current Trends and Advanced
  • Online safety: the issues raised by Social Networking and how to protect people with brain injuries
  • Supporting Vulnerable Witnesses and Defendants in the Criminal Justice System
  • Personal stories
The conference is aimed at all professionals working in the field of acquired brain injury and costs £150 per person (with a discount for membership). You can get more information and book your place here
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