The Long and Winding Road: Pitfalls and Possibilities in Child Brain Injury Litigation

Mercure Haydock Hotel, Penny Lane, Mercure Haydock Hotel, Penny Lane
Saint Helens, WA11 9SG
When a child of any age sustains a catastrophic brain injury, the impact is often devastating and life changing. The litigation process offers an opportunity to improve quality of life for the child after such a tragic event.
As professionals working in the field of Child Brain Injury, we have the privilege of assisting the child and their families through the rehabilitation journey, but also carry the burden and responsibility of “getting it right”. This conference will guide you through the Child Brain Injury litigation process from the instruction of the litigation team to settlement and beyond. We will focus on the following:
• Key areas in which quantum may be jeopardized but also maximized.
• The role of both lay and expert witnesses.
• Bridging gaps in funding with statutory services.
• The role of charitable services.
• Therapeutic and medical interventions that are frequently missed during the litigation process.
• A parent’s perspective; living through the litigation journey.
• Managing funds post settlement, and adjuncts often missed within the schedule of loss. Every Child Brain Injury case presents its own unique challenges, but working in partnerships across legal, health and social care boundaries, together we can significantly improve the child’s well-being, and their potential to be an active member of our society. Speakers include QC Richard Hartley, Surgeon Paul McArthur, CEO CBIT Lisa Turan
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