Make the Music Happen

11.45am onwards
Henry Wood Hall
Trinity Church Square, London, SE1 4HU
Have you been to our Creative: Space event before? We are hosting our own private concert for Daytrippers in SE1. The event will consist of a unique interactive music concert and lots of arts and crafts activities.  The Manchester Reed Quintet will be performing for us as well as the one and only amazingly talented pianist; Derek Paravicini (who is blind and has severe learning difficulties). Everyone will get a chance to play an instrument and get involved! Percussion instruments will be handed out for you to shake and jingle with and hey, maybe you can show us some of your best dance moves! There is something for everyone to enjoy all in a relaxed, friendly environment with your family and friends.This event is ideal for our younger Daytrippers but all age groups are welcome! For more information and to book your place visit the Daytrippers website
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