Karma Chameleon at Colourscape

10am - 11am AND 2pm - 3pm
Clapham Common
off Rookery Road, near the Long Pond boating lake at The Windmill Pub, London SW4 9DE
Fancy being a chameleon for the day at Colourscape’s fantastic magical and multi-sensory structure? Daytrippers are offering these 1 hour free sessions of colour/music workshops for Special Schools and also for those who are home schooled or are able to attend on a school day. Wandering through the interconnected chambers at Colourscape, everyone will experience the intensity and subtlety of colour with different colour pods shining different colours depending on the sunshine! Colourscape is for all ages, enjoyed by young and old alike. It creates a relaxing, beautiful and calm experience for visitors. Before entering the Colourscape structure everyone puts on a coloured cloak in order to become part of the space. Adults often say that they feel like children inside Colourscape, or describe it as ‘like flying’ or ‘breathing colour’. Children often say that they feel as if they are ‘inside a huge body’ or ‘wrapped in a rainbow’. They like to try ‘hiding in colour’. One child said, “It’s like Snow White!” You will be sure to remember this incredible experience. At present the 2 available sessions are : 10am – 11am AND 2pm – 3pm If you are interested, let us know ASAP as spaces are limited and this event is on a first come first served basis. Please email us at enquiries@daytrippers.org.uk and let us know the following: 1) Which time slot works best for you? 2) How many pupils? 3) How many adults/carers? 4) How many wheelchair users? 5) How you will be travelling to the event? 6) Who will be your main contact of the day and their mobile number? Please bare in mind that we can only accept up to 45 people maximum per session depending on how many wheelchair users there are.
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