It's All About the Brain!

London South Bank University
Conference Room 806, Keyworth Centre, Keyworth Street, London, SE1 6NG
The Family Hope Center, an international center for the development of children with special needs and developmental delays, is holding a special presentation for parents and caregivers of children with special needs. Does your child...
  • Work hard in school but never seem to keep up?
  • Have difficulty speaking, formulating ideas or expressing them clearly?
  • Have trouble making eye contact, sensitive to touch, sound or taste?
  • Take multiple medications?
  • Has your child ever suffered a concussion in sports?
Do you...
  • Have trouble remembering things?
  • Have problems resulting from a head injury or a stroke?
  • Have tremors or seizures?
  • Feel overwhelmed when dealing with things many others can handle?
  • Have difficulty focusing?
Join them to hear Carol Newell speak on "How to Help your Child with Special Needs". They will start by peeling away the dysfunctional symptoms to get to the source of the neurological disorganization. Learn how together they can develop the protocol to begin to restore the brain and its functions. The cost is £15 per person.  To find out more about The Family Hope Center and to book your place visit their website. Or you can find out more about the event by calling Eloise on 07766 820285 or e-mailing her here
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