Family Matters: Understanding and addressing family needs after acquired brain injury

Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, 45 Prescot St
London E1 8GP
This professional conference aimed at rehabilitation providers, lawyers, case managers, therapists, and academics will explore the family experience of acquired brain injury, including what family members say they need and what works for them. Throughout the day we will examine how we might alter our practice to accommodate their needs, respond appropriately to the trauma experienced by the whole family and ensure our intervention also facilitates family adjustment. Drawing on the existing evidence base and current research the presentations today will endeavour to address these issues, and delegates will:
• gain a greater appreciation of the reality of the family experience
• consider the factors underpinning the impact of trauma on family members
• develop an understanding of the concept of stress on family members, ambiguous loss, emotional overload and burden of care
• familiarisation with the range and extent of family (including spouses, siblings, child relatives) needs following acquired brain injury
• appreciation of the different 'lenses' through which family experiences post-injury can be viewed, resulting in different opportunities for intervention and support
• understand the concept of the expert companion in supporting needs over time
• engage in the development of a structured narrative for families living in ambiguous circumstances
• reflect upon how their knowledge, experience and expectations affect interactions with family members
There will be opportunities throughout the day to share experience, learn from each other and be inspired by the stories told and the research presented.
To view the programme and book click here.
This event has been accredited by the CPD service and APIL.
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