Epilepsy Action London Weekend For All

9.30am onwards over whole weekend
Baden Powell House
65-67 Queen's Gate, London, SW7 5JS

An exciting weekend in London for people with epilepsy and their families

People with epilepsy and their families are invited to take part in our ‘weekend for all’ event. It’s the perfect opportunity to get away, relax and have fun while learning more about epilepsy and meeting other people and families affected by the condition. People will have time to hear from professionals, ask all their questions in an unhurried and relaxed atmosphere and make their own networks and contacts for the future. There will be workshops, creative and learning sessions and games and activities. People can attend on one or both days, stay overnight or travel daily as long as they book appropriately in advance. The weekend will include general information about epilepsy, but sessions which may interest parents of young people with epilepsy as well as the young people themselves will include:
  • Drama workshops for young people with epilepsy
  • A workshop for parents of children and young people with epilepsy
On Saturday there will also be:
  • A specialist paediatric consultant talking about childhood epilepsy
  • A presentation and workshop on the ketogenic diet
  • One to one advice on carers allowance and disability benefits
There will also be epilepsy specialist nurses and volunteers present during the weekend for one to one discussions, as well as a creche and activities for younger children. For more information and a timetable of programmes for the weekend e-mail Marie Edgar or phone on 01708 479536.  To book a place visit the Epilepsy Action website here  
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