Children and Young People's health conference

Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London
Taken from the Children and Young People's health website: Discover how the government’s plans for delivering excellence in children and young people’s health will affect you, at the UK’s premier event for those involved at the cutting edge of healthcare development. Children and Young People’s Health 2013 will examine the key issues and challenges facing the provision of children and young people’s healthcare. Bringing together a wide range of speakers and experts, this well-placed conference provides a chance to evaluate and discuss the significant  NHS reorganisation taking place and the efficiencies being sought in order to invest more in frontline services, as well as considering the next steps and strategies in delivering excellence in children’s health services. Key areas of discussion will include:    Planning for transition in children and young people’s health
   Screening in children and young people’s health
   Targeting improvements in maternity services
   Children’s nursing
   Mental health: accessible, responsive and improved services
   Paediatric nutrition
   Encouraging good practice in dental health
   Improving outcomes for children and young people Book your place.
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