CBIT Live e-learning: Early Years from a Parents Perspective

Delivered by Jo Howe. Jo and her daughter both have an ABI. Jo’s daughter acquired her ABI when she was only a toddler, so as a parent she fully understands the issues in early years. On completion of the Webinar participants will further their understanding of: How to cope with a young child who has an ABI; The issues that arise and how to deal with them; Coping as a parent with a toddler following ABI.  This Webinar will be of interest to: Families, parents, older siblings; Anyone who works with or supports children and young people; Paediatric Health Care professionals; Paediatric/Hospital Social workers; Legal and Case Management; Teachers, Learning Support, SENCO’s, Specialist Teaching teams; Hospital School Teachers. https://childbraininjurytrust.org.uk/events/early-years-from-a-parents-perspective/  
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