Child Brain Injury Trust Conference 2015

9am - 5pm
Etihad Stadium
Ashton New Rd, Manchester M11 3FF
Huge shifts in the Special Education Needs (SEN) landscape are having a big effect on children with an acquired brain injury (ABI). The implications of the Children and Families Act 2014, the school’s role in the rehabilitation process, the advancement of assistive technologies means there is plenty of change for schools, professionals and families to understand. The Education setting has a huge role to play in a child’s rehabilitation from an ABI. However, many schools and colleges are unaware of the importance of their role in the rehabilitation process. How do we ensure that children and families get the best and most appropriate support for their needs? Bringing together the country’s leading experts in Education, this year’s Child Brain Injury Trust conference asks how we can ensure Education tomorrow is a positive experience? You can find more information here or to book your place visit The Child Brain Injury Trust events page here and fill in a booking form. 
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