Aiming higher, expanding horizons: what does it take to thrive in brain injury?

Central Hall, Westminster
Central Hall, Westminster, Storey's Gate London SW1H 9NH
Subtitled 'an enquiry into the the impact of positive attitudes and approaches on outcomes', this conference for professionals is organised by a specialist solicitors' firm.  Speakers include: Jonathan Evans, professor of applied neuropsychology (University of Glasgow); Howard Jackson, clinical director and consultant clinical neuropsychologist (Transitional Rehabilitation Unit); Dr Trevor Powell, consultant psychologist (Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation). From the conference programme: "The idea for this conference came last year when we were struck by how enthusiastic and caring the speakersand delegates were about people with brain injury and their families. We wondered whether the fact that people really care about their clients makes a difference to their future. If the attitude of people around the client determines outcomes, is it possible those in the client’s environment (the family, support workers, case managers, therapists, social workers, other agencies, litigation team) can contribute more by considering and reflecting on their practice, for instance, outlook, approaches and language?" Book here.
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