Childhood stroke guideline launched

The Stroke in childhood clinical guideline has launched with the full clinical guideline, key recommendations and a parent/carer booklet.

Around 400 children in the UK suffer from a stroke every year and while there has been a dramatic increase in the recognition of occurrence of childhood stroke over the last 15 years, the RCPCH are urging healthcare professionals, parents and young people to familiarise themselves with the signs of childhood stroke. The RCPCH stated: "With better knowledge of the signs amongst parents and doctors, children could receive appropriate diagnosis and treatment more quickly, minimising the risk of severe long-term health problems.” The signs to watch out for spotting strokes in children feature in the guideline along with ‘the total rehabilitation pathway of a child who has suffered from a stroke – from hospital to back home and school and other important periods of childhood transition’. The RCPCH has also posted a short video by a parent on its website entitled: ‘Stroke in Childhood: My Story. The guideline was funded by the Stroke Association and prepared by the RCPCH Stroke in Childhood Guideline Development Group (GDG), of which The Children’s Trust was a stakeholder. It covers children and young people aged 29 days to 18 years (at the time of presentation) and replaces the clinical guideline published in 2004.
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