A website for families, teachers and anyone who would like to know more about acquired brain injury in children.

Find out about tests and treatments you may encounter, and the people you may meet along the way.

We also explain disorders of consciousness, including terms like coma and vegetative state.
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Whether it’s at the hospital or a specialist centre, rehabilitation may be a part of a child’s journey.

Find out about the different therapies you may encounter in our guide to therapy.
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Returning home after being at hospital or a rehabilitation centre can ask a lot of a child and their family.

Read our practical guide to settling back in.
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Being back at school can be a big milestone for children, but it may come with a new set of challenges.

Read our guide to education and talking with teachers.
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Moving towards adulthood may bring with it some new things to think about, from alcohol to dating and driving.

Read our practical guide to what can be a challenging time for families.
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Here, you can read about the experiences and opinions of the real experts on ABI – the families themselves.

Parents from across the country have contributed their stories here.
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